Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine for sale & Manufacturers Price

Diode laser hair removal machine for sale

Diode laser hair removal machine for sale is for commercial use. Lanka is one of the best diode laser hair removal machine manufactures in China. Arnka Vertical diode laser machine is for permanent hair removal.

The diode laser machine for sale wavelength is 808nm. Compared to IPL machine, diode laser hair removal machine for sale is safe and pain-free. The whole hair removal procedure is very fast and smooth.

Advantages of diode laser hair removal machine for sale

808nm wavelength for hair removal

Vertical diode laser machine apply 808nm wavelength. 808nm is the optimal spectrum for hair removal. The diode laser epilation is comfortable and permanent.

Special cooling handpiece

Vertical diode laser machine handpiece is special made with a cooling head. The strong cooling handpiece helps the machine work longer time. Temperature could keep under -15℃ during the treatment.

10Hz speedy hair removal

Diode laser hair removal machine for sale Frequency is up to 10Hz. We call it In-motion SHR diod laser technology. Diode laser SHR hair removal is 2 to 3 times quicker than IPL treatment.

3 wavelength diode laser machine for sale (755nm + 808nm +1064nm )

755nm diode laser wavelength works one fine and thin hair. We usually use 755nm on eyebrows and upper lip. 808nm wavelength diode laser is effective for all hair types. 1064nm diode laser is specially safe for dark or black wavelength.

DIODe LASER HAIR REMOVAL for sale Principle

Due to light selective absorption, hemoglobin and water will not absorb the 808 laser. 808nm diode laser penetrates from the epidermis to hair follicle. Laser works on the melanin in the hair follicle.

808nm diode laser hair removal is safe and effective for dark skin. Even the fine hair can be removed by the diode laser. However, white hair could not be removed, because there is no melanin inside.

Vertical diode laser Specifications

Diode laser wavelength755nm/808nm/4064nm
Energy Density1-120J/ cm2
Repetation Rate1-10Hz
Pulse Width10-400ms
Opreation Display8.4” LCD Touch screen
CoolingAir + Water + TEC + Sapphire cooling
Continuously working timeContinuously for 15 hours
Voltage100-240V+10%, 50/60Hz
Peak Power2500W
Laser emmiterDiode laser Arrays
Length/width/height61*50*48 cm³

Before and after photos

Diode laser machine for sale & manufacturers before and after