diode laser lightsheer-best & cheapest-how to choose

Diode laser lightsheer-the best diode laser system

Diode laser lightsheer is best diode laser hair removal brand. Lumenis lightsgeer et performs the best diode laser hair removal results. Lightsheer wavelength is 808nm/810nm, which is the gold standard for hair removal.

Diode lightsheer laser review is the highest for diode laser hair removal. But the lightsgeer diode laser price might be high for some clinics or spas.
Is there a diode laser with good quality but cost is lower? This article gives the advice for lumenis diode laser system vs Arnka.

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808nm Diode laser hair removal machine

Diode laser lightsheer reviews

Lightsheer diode laser reviews VS Arnka

Lightsheer Duet diode laser reviews:

  • It really works! I was promised 90-98% reduction after 6-8 treatments. 7 years later I have next to nothing. A few fine hairs that are really slow to grow. My results have been best where the hair was thicker. “Lorena from Mexcio
  • Laser hair removal treatment is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. About 3 years ago I decided to stop waxing and try laser hair removal on my full bikini and underarms. I have brown hair and olive skin and was told that I could expect between a 15%-25% reduction with each treatment. It sounded reasonable so I decided to give it a go. “Natalia from USA”

Arnka diode laser reviews:

  • The machine works without quality problem. The hair was removed . It is my first buy from foreign countries, the Arnka diode laser brand is good.
    I strongly advise Arnka diode laser if your budget is limited. “Hien from Vietnam
  • I have used Alma soprano and Lightsheer et diode laser. The 2 brands machines are very good. With a much lower price, Arnka diode laser is a good choice for medium or small clinics and spas. “Sumit from India

Lightsheer diode laser system VS Arnka

Lumenis diode laser system and Arnka laser has following features in difference.

  • Lightsheer et diode laser system wavelength is 805nm, Arnka diode laser is 808nm. It is not the main factor. 805nm, 808nm or 810nm are the same best specturm for hair removal.
  • Lumenis lightsheer et system spot size is 9mm*9mm, 12mm*12mm and 22mm*35mm. Anrka standard is 12mm*12mm, 9mm*9mm could be customized. Different spot size could treat different body area. 12mm*12mm is most popular spot size for laser handpiece.
  • Lumenis lightsheer et system has vacuum laser handpiece. Vaccum diode laser could relief pain during hair removal treatment. Arnka diode laser has 755nm/808nm/1064nm 3 wavelength diode laser.

Lightsheer diode laser dark skin VS Arnka

Lumenis Lightsheer et for dark skin treatment is safe. Unlike IPL, Arnka and Lightsheer duet diode laser is proved to be safe for skin type V and VI. Arnka 3 wavelength diode laser machine is more suitable for dark skin hair reduction.

1064nm wavelength could penetrate deeper than 755nm and 808nm. 1064nm is the better wavelength for black skin.

Lightsheer diode laser side effects VS Arnka

Lumenis diode laser side effects are near zero if you are in a correct operation. Arnka diode laser is also safe if you do the right operation. Low quality diode 808nm laser may cause buring during the treatment.

Lightsheer diode laser price VS Arnka

Lightsheer diode laser price may be high for small and medium clinics. Compared to lightsheer diode laser cost, Arnka diode laser price is much lower. If you want the best diode laser machine, Lightsheer is the optimal one. If you want a good quality diode laser with cheap price, you could choose Arnka.

Arnka is the diode laser manufacturer in China. Diode laser arnka price is affordable for most of spas and clinic. Arnka laser hair removal machine is good quality. We offer 2 years free warrnaty.

Back to the artical, do you understand how to choose a good diode laser machine now?

Our conclusion:

Your budget is allowed, lumenis diode laser is always your best choice.

If want the most cost-effective machine, please do not hesitate to contact with Arnka.