E-light hair removal machine

E-light hair removal machine

E-light hair removal machine (Same technology with Elos) applies 3 advanced technology. IPL, RF and epidermis cooling. IPL is the intense pulse light. RF is the radio frequency.

IPL with RF can penetrate deeper than non-RF IPL technology. RF can also pretreat the target area before the IPL works on it.

E-light Laser machine VA-307 has 2 handles. E-light handles and OPT SHR handle. E-light handles work on kinds of facial treatments by replacing specially made filters. SHR handles we use for fast hair removal treatments.

E-light hair removal machine

What is E-light hair removal?

E-light combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with Radio Frequency (RF). This advanced E-light Laser technology is much more effective and comfortable than the previous hair removal method.

RF technology heats tissue in the middle and deeper layers of the skin. RF allows for less energy during the IPL treatment, leading to better results obtained with fewer sessions. The E -light energy is transformed into heat that permanently destroys the hair follicle. The E-light laser will not affect the other skin tissues.

At the same time, the epidermis cooling system ensures the treatment is safe and comfortable. RF technology is also good for wrinkle removal and skin tightening. Studies have shown that E-light for wrinkle treatments is more effective and long-standing.

The treatment works on the hairs that are currently in the growth phase, which will typically fall out in several days. Other hairs not in the growth stage continue to grow normally, and we need more treatments. Eventually, After fewer sessions, there will be no more visible hairs remaining.

E-light + SHR 2 in 1 system

E-light hair removal machine VA-307 is not only IPL & RF technology. E-light laser machine also has an SHR handle. SHR handle is for super hair removal. SHR combined E-light almost can do all the treatments including hair removal and skin treatments.

Except for for for Elight and SHR, VA-307 have SSR and OPT handle for optional.

E-light hair removal machine interface

E-light laser machine with In-motion technology

IPL & RF machine VA-307 uses In-motion technology. SHR is a sweeping hair removal procedure. The SHR handle could move on the body area very fast. Unlike SHR, IPL technology is called “stamp technology”. IPL is slow and cannot move over the target area during the treatment.


E-light machine with well-made handle

All the handpiece for VA-307 are well designed. The Xenon Lamp is imported from the UK. UK Xenon Lamp has a longer lifetime than other brands. Our machine VA-307 xenon lamp lifetime is over 1 million shots.

SHR handpiece spot size is 18mm*50mm. Big spot size handpiece can do hair removal treatments faster. For the SSR or E-light handpiece, we use 18mm*30mm. This size is more fit for facial treatments.

opt laser handpiece

The Benefit for E-light hair removal machine


  1. Hair removal for all skin type
  2. Skin rejuvenation
  3. Freckle and age spot removal
  4. Acne treatments
  5. Wrinkle Removal
E-light laser machine applications

E-light hair removal machine Specifications

Display 10.4” Touch Screen
Output Power 2500W
Handpiece SHR、E-light (Standard); SSR/OPT Handle optional
Spot Size 18mm*50mm (SHR) 18mm*30mm optional (SSR + E-light)
Energy Density 1-26J/ cm2  (SHR/SSR); 1-50J (OPT/E-light)
Frequency 1-10 Hz
Pulse Width 1-15mm
Lamp Lifetime over 1 million shots/(UK Xenon Lamp)
Cooling System Fans cooling+Epidermis cooling+Water cooling
Voltage 220-240V,50-60Hz and 90-110V,50-60HZ
Package Aluminum alloy case