IPL safety glasses & goggles FOR SALE

IPL safety glasses & goggles are using for protecting the operator and patients during IPL treatment. The IPL eyewear senses the light pulses and darkens instantaneously to shield your eyes while offering great visibility. Studies have shown wearing IPL goggles can much decrease the harm of the light.

The intense pulsed light during hair removal and facial treatments require appropriate eye protection, either for the patients or for the medical personnel. However IPL lasers don’t usually operate at a specific wavelength, please contact us what kind of IPL eye protection goggles you need to use.

IPL safety glasses & goggles

IPL safety goggles design

  1. The IPL Eye Protection Goggles are designed for IPL Intense Pulsed Light Operator.
  2.  A wide range spectrum from 200 to 1400 nm. – safety goggles for IPL.
  3. Wavelength: 200-1400 nm. Suitable for all kinds of IPL treatments
  4. The Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of the IPL safety goggles is 10%. The VLT value is the percentage of visible light that can travel through the glasses, the higher the value is, the better visual you get.
  5. 2 options: Goggles for operators and goggles for patients.
IPL safety glasses

Do I need IPL goggles for IPL treatment?

Yes, you need it. The IPL treatment will generate intense light, it will be harmful if you don’t wear safety glasses. The operator should wear IPL safety glasses all the time while the machine is in use. The patient should be wearing the IPL eye shields as well.

How to select the right IPL laser goggles?

As there are many brands goggles, to select the right one for you is very important. Below are some tips for choosing IPL eye protection goggles.

  • Understand what wavelength does your IPL or laser machine use.
  • Make clear that the Googles for operators and patients are different.
  • Know that the IPL eye goggles are different from laser protect glasses. IPL wavelength is a wide spectrum, while the laser is a fixed wavelength.
  • Find a reliable supplier who makes quality IPL goggles.