IPL Laser hair removal vs waxing

IPL laser hair removal is the advanced method for permanent hair removal. First, we will apply the cooling gel in the target area. The IPL machines work on the body, the melanin in the hair follicle will absorb the IPL laser. Compared to waxing, IPL hair removal is more effective and comfortable. This article will make a comparison of two methods.

IPL Laser hair removal technology

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What is IPL laser hair removal?

IPL stands for intense pulse light. This technology uses power radiation and light rays to cure a multitude of dermatological problems.it was developed for medical and cosmetic purposes.

With time, it was observed that it has specific capacities of reducing the amount of hair on the treated skin on the patient. From that time and onwards, doctors and clinical professionals have started to use IPL as a mean to serve the hair removal benefits.

The use of IPL laser hair removal was not approved until the mid-’90s in the United States. Several experiments were performed to gauge the efficiency of hair removal using IPL. In the beginning, the machines used unfiltered light, which caused a certain level of discomfort in the patients.

Additionally, the results of IPL were not satisfactory as they did not justify the high expense that these treatments held. Over time and with the technological improvements, the machines that incorporated the use of IPL have been redesigned with certain filters that block harmful wavelengths of light and include certain cooling features. This has helped significantly for the minimization of side effects. It has also minimized the levels of pain that were experienced during an IPL session.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to go to a salon or a clinic if you wish to have an IPL laser hair removal session. There have been introduced, specific home devices that are not as powerful as the ones which are used by the doctors and professional yet very useful. The expense that used to occur on these sessions has been made much affordable so to make it available to the general public, not just the A-class society.

What is waxing?

Waxing is a popular and societally-friendly way of removing unwanted hair. The unwanted hair, in this process, is removed from their roots using covering that area with a sticky material. This viscous material sticks with the hair. Then the skin is covered and pulled over, which causes the hair to be pulled out from the follicle.

This process stagnates hair growth for at least four to six weeks. However, hair regrowth varies from human to human. Some people might see hair regrowth in just one week, but that entirely depends on their natural hair growth cycle. Waxing is less costly, and almost every area of a human body can be waxed.

From eyebrows and face to knuckles and feet, every area can be waxed. However, a certain level of consideration is required for the sensitive parts. There are so many types of waxing, so one can choose the type of wax according to their skin type. There are many types, such as African bean wax, which cause minimal to no pain on a human’s skin.


The main differences between IPL Laser hair removal and waxing

The process of the removal of unwanted body hair is never a piece of cake. It is always a painful process. Even the aftereffects of hair removal, such as bumps, discomfort, and ingrown hair are some of the potential issues of the hair removal process. In the section below, we would look at some of the pros and cons of waxing as compared to IPL laser hair removal.

1. IPL lASER hair removal IS PERMANENT

Waxing is a typical hair removal process. It can either be done by warm wax or cold wax. It is done by pulling the wax in the opposite direction of the hair, which takes the roots of the hair with it. This does not imply that waxing is a permanent hair removal solution. After you are done with wax, the hair would regrow after an average period of four to six weeks. Thus, waxing is a process that results in recurring pain.

IPL laser hair removal, on the contrary, is a method that targets the hair follicles and hair roots. It works to properly destroy them. Thus, IPL is a permanent method of hair removal. It uses light energy, which then converted into heat energy. This heat energy follows the hair shaft through the tissues, therefore, destroying them permanently.

2. Results and efficiency

According to the researchers who have worked in the fields like these, waxing is not for everyone. The pain which a person has to tolerate varies from person to person. It further depends on skin sensitivity, amount of hair, pain tolerance, and the area which needs to be waxed. It can have specific side effects such as ingrown hair and bleeding. Waxing is not for people who have extremely sensitive or sunburnt skin.

There are no significant side effects of IPL. According to National Skin Care, IPL can cause minor pigmentation or swell in the patients who have darker skin. Nonetheless, these issues are temporary and can be solved by using recommended SPF products. The results of IPL are very extraordinary, and since the hair roots are destroyed, there is no chance left for hair to grow again.

3. Price

The process of waxing is very economical when you consider the price. One can easily opt for waxing by saving a 20% amount from their monthly pocket money. However, it is a recurring process, so you are never really done with it. You will have to spend the same amount for all the years of your life to get your hair removed.

IPL, being a permanent lifelong hair removal solution, is a comparatively expensive method. However, it becomes inexpensive when you think about it as it is a one-time process, and you will not have to spend a penny for hair removal again in your life.

The reason why you should choose IPL instead of waxing

It would be best if you considered IPL instead of regular waxing because of the range of positive aspects it has. First and foremost, it is a one-time process that helps you get rid of your unwanted hair for a lifetime. Thus, you do not have to spend on hair removal again. Secondly, it is the most efficient process, and it has the least to no side effects that might scare you.

Nowadays, you do not even have to visit a salon or clinic to have it done, you can get an IPL home device for yourself and do it at home at a much affordable and convenient rate. Let us know if you think there has been any more proficient hair removal solution, in your opinion!