OPT hair removal machine

OPT Hair Removal Machine

OPT hair removal machine utilizes the optimal pulsed technology. OPT Laser machine has solved the traditional IPL machines problem of uneven energy. The energy for every pulse of OPT technology is the same. While the IPL energy is diminishing.

OPT laser machine VA-305 has OPT SHR and E-light double handpiece. SHR handpiece is for super hair removal. E-light handpiece with filters is for facial treatments.

OPT SHR uses low energy but high frequency. OPT for hair removal treatment if fast and pain-free.


OPT laser hair removal principle

OPT laser is the advanced technology for permanent hair removal. OPT hair removal is gentler, more comfortable and patient-friendly procedures. By using lower effective fluences, the energy of OPT is equal for every pulse.

OPT hair removal machine also can do multiple treatments. When using multiple sequential pulses, advanced OPT will also allow determining the specific fluence per sub-pulse for fine-tuned treatment. OPT laser treatment is effective for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation removal, and acne treatment.

Multifunctional 4 in 1 platform

The OPT laser machine is a multifunctional platform. There are 4 modes for VA-305. SHR, SSR, OPT, and E-light.

SHR handle is for super hair removal treatment. SSR handle is for super skin rejuvenation and pigmentation removal treatments. OPT and E-light(IPL + RF) handles are for kinds of facial treatments by changing filters.

SHR In-motion technology

OPT hair removal machine VA-305 apply In-motion SHR technology. The SHR/SSR handle could move over the treatment area smoothly and quickly. OPT Laser machine with in-motion SHR technology is painless and fast.


SHR/SSR/IPL/E-light 4 well made handles

The Opt laser machine VA-305 offer 4 optional handpiece. The standard handpiece is SHR and E-light. SHR is for super hair removal, E-light(IPL + RF) is for photofacial treatments. The optional handpiece is SSR + IPL.

opt laser handpiece

The Benefit for OPT hair removal machine


  1. Permanent hair removal for skin type I to VI
  2. Skin rejuvenation
  3. Pigmentation Removal
  4. Acne treatments
  5. Spider vein removal
  6. Wrinkle removal
Display 10.4” Touch Screen
Output Power 2500W
Handpiece SHR + E-light handle (SSR handle optional)
Spot Size 18mm*50mm (SHR) 18mm*30mm (SSR and E-light)
Energy Density 1-26J/ cm2  (SHR/SSR); 1-50J (OPT/E-light)
Frequency 1-10 Hz
Pulse Width 1-15mm
Lamp Lifetime over 1 million shots/(UK Xenon Lamp)
Cooling System Fans cooling+Tec cooling+Water cooling
Voltage 220-240V,50-60Hz and 90-110V,50-60HZ
Package Aluminum alloy case